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LONDON, 22nd January 2010 Children of Fire International held a sponsored Monopoly Moonwalk to raise money for Africa's first burns charity.

Starting at the Old Kent Road Fire Station at 14h30 Greenwich Meantime, the city slickers in hiking boots walked the walk and talked the talk along a life-size Monopoly game. The 19 kilometre route visited all 26 streets and stations (and did not go to jail!) on the Monopoly board, by foot.

As they walked under half a moon and an abundance of street lights, they tried to get the public to think half-a-globe-away to Africa. To a place where most children don't even have the luxury of electric light and go to bed by candle glow. To a place where simple candles become the cause of injury so devastating that it is hard for us to imagine.

But back in 1997 Britons did imagine. British newspapers and television carried the story of Dorah Mokoena; a baby girl who lost her face in a fire. At that time people dug deep and Dorah flew to London for surgery in Moorfield Eye Hospital, and more complex procedures at St Mary's in Roehampton and at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Because of the tremendous help from the doctors, and the dedication of two kind Britons who put their lives on hold for Dorah, she was helped through more than 26 operations... imagine one for each stop on the Monopoly Borad. This is how charity Children of Fire started; it has gone on to rebuild hundreds more severely-injured children.

Britons Bronwen Jones and her London-born son Tristan subsequently made Dorah a permanent member of their family. Tristan (born in St Thomas's Hospital opposite Parliament), became the youngest volunteer fire fighter in

South Africa at the age of 16, worked on solving Rwandan genocide cases also at 16, and two years later qualified as an ambulance assistant. That's how helping Children of Fire shapes one for life.

In the aftermath of Christmas and the rigours of the recession, people think they can't afford to help. But poverty is always relative. Morally you can't afford not to help.

Each year thousands of children in Africa are burned. For those who fight to survive, recovery feels interminable; disfigurement is life long. These brave children undergo years of painful expensive surgery to regain quality of life. They endure bullying, staring, ridicule.

Children of Fire rebuilds these heroic kids. With world-leading surgery, schooling and even climbing to the highest point of Africa with them, it loves them back to life. Money is needed to continue this amazing work. Sponsor the walkers; make a donation. Take a year away from icy Albion and make a difference in Africa.

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