19th Nov 2018 1:42:35 AM

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Auckland Park Arson Survivor on TV

THREE young Auckland Park, South Africa, women will become TV stars in mid June, when they appear on M-Net's extra channel CSN service.

Londeka Ngidi (19), Amanda Simanga (20)and Mitta Lebaka (21) have all been interviewed for Heartbeat, a Christian television programme.

They have two things in common: they are all burns survivors and they all help younger burned kids by working with burns-charity Children of Fire.

The Christian-Network Media theme for June 2011 is "children and youth" so the synergy was clear.

Ngidi said: "I was burned with hot water as a toddler. I saw this chance to be on TV as a chance to remind parents to take better care of their little ones."

Simanga said: "I was burned through arson, when a relative of mine chose not to go on strike. I saw this chance to go on TV to make people think about consequences of their actions."

Lebaka said: "I warmed myself against an electric stove when I was eight years old and caught alight. I thought that if I talked about it on TV, other people might not make that same mistake."

Lebaka added: "I also hoped to raise awareness of the problems that children's charities have with the government's ineffective social workers."

The women were interviewed at studios in Randburg and made quite an impression on their hosts.

Carina Teichert, Assistant Producer from Studio Plus, said: "First I looked up the young women's profiles on www.firechildren.org

"From there I learned their achievements and ambitions: Lebaka is a Kilimanjaro summiteer and future hospital CEO; Simanga is a Mt Cameroon summiteer and future teacher maybe; Ngidi is a Mt Kilimanjaro climber and future doctor.

"When they spoke, we were all surprised at such maturity in young women. We were humbled by their warmth, patience, friendliness and willingness to share their testimonies and explain what Children of Fire is all about."

The programme will be aired on 13th June 2011on the CSN Channel of M-Net, at 06:30 and will be repeated on 16th June at 06:30; people need a decoder set on channel 8. For information on how to view this channel visit www.radiopulpit.co.za

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