21st Nov 2018 5:03:03 PM

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Children had a tsunami lesson.

Pupils of the Johannesburg School for Blind, Low Vision and Multiple Disability Children learned about earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdown in Japan in March 2011 and they related the catastrophe to the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima by America in August 1945.

They made small structures to represent fragile houses and then threw buckets of water at them, to try to understand the sheer force of a tsunami.

They learned that a tsunami in Johannesburg is not possible but that an earthquake is.

They prayed for the people of Japan.

Children made simple houses from sticks and grass, to understand the fragility of some types of housing when Nature shakes countries with Richter scale 9 earthquakes.

Building Lilliputian-size shelters was far harder than the pupils imagined.

Our children made small houses from sticks and grass and then simulated a tsunami, to help them to relate to what has happened to the people of Japan.

Now they are working on poems and pictures, to empathise with the children far away.

They weren't too brilliant at house building but they are more in tune with natural disasters now, than they previously were.

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